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C&A Europe

Continuing our roll out with C&A Europe, we opened three more Design Studios in Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona, Spain and Zagreb, Croatia.

C&A is one of the leading clothing retailers in Europe, a fully integrated organization rapidly equipping itself for the future with a new brand strategy and elevated store concept.

Traditionally known as a family-orientated brand with a reputation for quality and choice, C&A engaged CreateMe to help build its higher value proposition through innovation and in-store experience. The Design Studio is a cutting-edge facility built around customization.

Featuring both licensed content, from the likes of Disney and Universal, as well as user-input text and slogans, customers can choose from a range of embellishment techniques including print, vinyl, lasering and patching and apply these to a large range of apparel products.

CreateMe has now collaborated on 7 stores, across 4 markets, in the last 18 months, and we are looking forward to working more with this dynamic team.


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