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Our CreateMe Wall got a new look for the Kawasaki Design-a-Bike experience at the International Progressive Motorcycle Show. The show, which toured across the whole of the US, is the largest and most influential touring consumer motorcycle show in the US.

The show was attended by motorcycle enthusiasts in their thousands, so our stand had to add a little something to bring the bikes to life. Using CreateMe Wall, guests had the chance to create their own Kawasaki bike designs, illustrating and decorating the bikes however they wished.

The technology allowed each user to select their preferred model of Kawasaki motorbike, which would populate the screen. They could then use infrared spray cans to customize the paintjob of the bike. Once finished, guests’ designs were printed out for them to take away. Every design was also uploaded straight to guests’ Facebook pages, live at the show.

As this was part of a huge tour, our team were tasked with delivering the CreateMe Wall experience in many different environments, over a wide range of US locations.

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