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Kenzo became the latest fashion superbrand to collaborate with CreateMe – this time for an exclusive customization experience in Selfridges London. Visitors to the pop-up store could browse and personalize a selection of tees and sweatshirts featuring the iconic Kenzo tiger by using software developed by CreateMe. The unique designs were then vinyl-printed or embroidered live in-store by members of CreateMe’s specialist team. This was the first time that Kenzo has offered a customization service to their customers and CreateMe were delighted to be partnering with the brand for this very special venture.

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CreateMe launches second Topshop concession.

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Facebook toured Europe cities with a special photo customized giveaway tote.

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Person wearing a white DKNY t-shirt with personalized messages.


100% DKNY personalized t-shirts and tote bags delivered in pizza boxes.

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