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Topshop 5th Avenue

From humble beginnings at our London Carnaby Street pop-up, CreateMe grew and grew and we took our CreateMe Store concept stateside for our Topshop 5th Avenue residency.

It’s the summer of 2015 and our first ever store in the USA. For the grand launch of the store, we were live-in-print in the front window of the store where the busy streets of New York City’s 5th Avenue were all invited to come and watch.

Printing t-shirts, crop tops, sweatshirts and phone cases, customers were invited to scroll through our libraries of artwork or upload their own images to personalize their shopping experience. Keeping with the tradition of the London store, we premiered exclusive and limited edition artwork from up‑and‑coming artists to gain exposure from the hundreds of thousands of customers passing through Topshop’s doors each and every day.

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Topshop 5th Avenue

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Live cap printing from the CreateMe Wall at Bread and Butter Festival.

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