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State of the Art is an online journal powered by CreateMe. We connect ideas and people at the intersection of fashion, culture, tech, and sustainability to discover how internal and external forces are moving fashion forward.

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This is State of the Art, an online journal powered by CreateMe.

CreateMe is home to 100+ experts working to build a new apparel industry—one that works better for brands, creators, consumers, and the planet. State of the Art is where we connect our ideas with the people and stories that are shaping fashion, creativity, culture, tech, and sustainability. Our goal is to create and share knowledge that moves fashion forward.

And fashion is moving forward—fast. Culture is fed by a million daily micro-moments, creating new audiences, driving new trends, and accelerating demand. Consumers are shopping by their values, challenging brands and retailers to operate sustainably, with a track record to prove it. Legacy brands are rapidly transforming, while emerging players are disrupting what, how, and where we buy. At the epicenter of it all is technology, with rapid advancements in manufacturing, supply chain logistics, and retail bringing novel opportunities to an industry primed for reinvention.

At State of the Art, we discover how internal and external forces are changing the industry, all the way down to the clothes on our backs. Read, question, share, and help us build a new approach to fashion—one that expands self-expression through innovation.

Welcome to the future of apparel.

Cam Myers, Founder/Publisher

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