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Google Allo

We collaborated with LA-based agency BeCore for the Google Allo messenger student launch event in Boston.

Attendees as a group created custom t-shirts by selecting artwork from the Google Allo sticker range, then picked a fill for the Google Allo logo template and then added the group name below.

Once the design was completed, then users selected the t-shirt size required for each group member. We printed 500 t-shirts over the six-hour event with a six‑screen studio. Guests absolutely loved the live design and print studio experience.


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Close-up photo of hand touching a t-shirt graphic on screen.

Adidas 747 Warehouse

Sixteen-screen t-shirt studio and four-screen basketball jersey design station for Adidas.

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Google Androidify MWC

Live bottle printing at the Mobile World Congress.

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Shutterstock at D&AD

Live sticker sheet printing at the D&AD awards.

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