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We worked closely with Hollister to deliver a special Spring Break season store experience at 10 separate locations across North America. The #HOCParty went live in Santa Clara, Roseville, San Francisco, Miami, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Illinois, Orlando and Ohio.

We worked together to ignite the endless spirit of summer inside everyone by celebrating classic California style. Our initial launch day was open exclusively to Hollister Cali Club members and the following two days over the weekend were open to the general public. Those who shopped for the Hollister Spring/Summer festival look were invited to join the #HCOParty and step into our custom design station to create their very own custom Hollister merchandise.

We printed across tote bags and socks all weekend using our custom-built software featuring four completely different design experiences with drag and drop emojis and slogans, text entry customization, graphic palettes and color swap-outs.

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Karl Lagerfeld (Karlisms)

In honor of Karl Lagerfield, customers lined up out the door to create their unique Karl souvenir.

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Live water bottle printing at Eurobest.

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Nike Equality Campaign

Live poster printing at the flagship Nike store in NYC.

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