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CreateMe Store have given the CreateMe Store website and the CreateMe Store’s custom printing area in Topman Oxford Circus a SpongeBob makeover using the skate-inspired Krusty Pants style guide.

Launched in store and online on 18 September 2015, the in-store takeover ran for a month, with exclusive products featuring the striking designs available online afterwards.

The line featured men’s and women’s t-shirts and socks. In addition to the pre-designed items available online, SpongeBob fans could visit Topman, Oxford Circus to create their own garments using the Krusty Pants style guide.

CreateMe’s specially developed software and high specification digital print process enabled customers to design their own garments and see them printed in store.  Using CreateMe’s large‑scale, interactive touchscreens, consumers created and customized prints by manipulating colors, adding text, layering foreground elements over existing background designs, or even created their own completely unique patterns.

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