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Personalization—for both tangible products and merchandise as well as experiences—increasingly drives conversions, sales, and loyalty in today’s marketplace.

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Recent studies show that personalization raises the chances of initial purchases by 76% and recurrent purchases by 78%. For B2B companies and brand event hosts looking to leverage this trend with audience engagement technology, live digital printing taps into your target audience’s appetite for personalized experiences and merchandise. 

Live digital printing drives engagement, extends on-site reach, and enhances audience experience by enabling businesses to create customized, one-of-a-kind products in real time. This guide explores the benefits of live digital printing for B2B companies hosting events to help you understand how you can use this technology to unlock far-reaching brand activations, offer attendees unique merchandise, and push brand advocacy to another level.

What Is Live Digital Printing?

Live digital printing refers to live or same-day printing technology that produces custom-printed materials according to individual specifications. Customizable printing options for user-generated content using on-demand digital printing include: 

  • T-shirts
  • Posters
  • Business cards
  • Customized iPhone covers
  • Customized water bottles
  • Customized fridge magnets
  • Customized key rings
  • Digital stickers

With live digital printing event audience members can directly transfer their images or your images and designs from a computer to a printer, bypassing the steps of traditional printing methods involving plates or screens. This interactive event technology allows for greater flexibility and speed in the printing process and helps event hosts in several critical tasks including marketing, branding, and promotion. 

Benefits of On-Demand Custom Live Digital Printing Services for Event Engagement

Live digital printing can enhance interactive event experiences for audiences in several valuable ways.

1. Customized Merchandise Engages Your Audience

In-person live events are back on the rise. With your attendees on-site, you have a wider range of tactics and event tech integrations at your disposal to improve engagement and deliver an experience that results in new leads, conversions, and sales. 

Customized merchandise and memorabilia drive audience engagement. By offering personalized items such as T-shirts, phone covers, and key rings, B2B businesses and vendors can foster a tangible connection between their guests and their brand. This connection increases brand awareness and loyalty while creating a lasting impression that physical, custom merchandise reinforces down the road. 

2. Real-Time Personalized Printing Services Extend Your Reach 

Scalable printing solutions such as on-demand live printing allow businesses to create customized items quickly and efficiently for event attendees on-site. For events with large audiences, traditional printing methods are too slow and impractical for custom, audience-created content. At the same time, passing out the same bulk-printed t-shirt or keychain to all attendees is unengaging and hardly worth the cost of the materials. 

Instant digital printing technology potentially allows you to reach every attendee with a chance to create personalized event merch that they will genuinely appreciate and want to display and use after the event.   

3. Controllable Merchandise Costs Protect Your Margins 

Live events have variable success rates and hosts always take on a modicum of risk in upfront expenses. Even in well-attended events, large quantities of traditional merchandise often result in significant leftover stock and wasted resources. On-site digital product printing can help you protect your margins. 

Switching to digital printing and rapid prototyping eliminates this risk by allowing you to spend on merchandise materials as needed, rather than trying to estimate your needs in advance and always erring on the side of surplus for the sake of caution. 

4. On-Site Digital Printing and Event Technology Services Enable Event Scaling

Replacing advanced bulk orders with on-demand event technology helps businesses create successful events across a broad range of scales. With the ability to pay only for what you need, you can scale events up or down with stable margins. 

If you’re looking to push already successful products and brands into new markets and to broader audiences, you can more accurately predict the costs of scaling up as you convert more product and service costs to on-demand outlays. 

Alternatively, if you want to access a smaller niche market and can’t justify the costs of putting on smaller events with the fixed minimums of bulk orders and supplying your event staff, using contracted digital printing services with provided on-site staff will preserve your margins as you scale down to more targeted audiences.  

5. Interactive Trade Show Technologies Enhance Your Guests’ Experiences

Event hosts can enhance the appeal of on-site digital printing promotions with additional interactive trade show technologies. For example, B2B trade show hosts can provide attendees the opportunity to use new interactive digital entertainment tech such as:

  • Digital walls: Touch and motion-activated digital displays guide users through images, messages, and video to convey important information
  • Magic mirrors: Augmented reality tech displays a user’s image to view how they would look wearing clothing, make-up, or other accessories
  • Digital graffiti walls: Digital displays allow users to sign or markup interactively
  • Digital painting tools: Interactive digital displays for users to create digital art

These interactive digital experiences not only give attendees a fun and memorable experience but also help establish an association between your company’s brand and memorable, interactive entertainment experiences. 

Achieve New Heights in Event Engagement with CreateMe’s Scalable, Ready-to-Go Customization Platform

CreateMe’s scalable product customization platform, event technology rentals, and on-site staff can supercharge interactive event production for your B2B company. With high-quality digital printing services and flexible options, CreateMe will ensure your event attendees receive an unforgettable experience in corporate digital entertainment. 

For your next event, drive engagement and brand advocacy, while lowering your risks. Let CreateMe’s expert event technology services team design personalized experiences and merchandise for your audience.

To learn more about CreateMe’s on-site digital product printing services and emerging event technology trends in your industry, visit CreateMe and book a demo.

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